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                        "Flowers of Grace"
Discovering God's          
Lavish Love &              
Extravagant Promises

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"Flowers  of Grace":                            

Holly's love for God and His Son Jesus is so evident as she has  poured what she knows and believes into this book.  Holly's love for Jesus is proven every time I see her or talk to her. She is a perfect example of what a Daughter of the King looks like. Her love for flowers and her love for Jesus make this book a must have!-S.P.
While sitting with my Mom during her death, I found much comfort in your book. The verse 1 Peter 4:8 was so much comfort and used at my Mom's funeral! Thank You for sharing your Life. -A.W.
I have just read your book Holly and can not explain the emotional journey that it has given me. Thank you.-U.T.

Holly's Book "Flowers of Grace" is ready to purchase today
“Reigning Fire: Discovering Holy Spirit Grace and Hope
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12 Good Purposes for
Going Through Your Pain

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"Victorious Mom,
  Victorious Daughter" A daily devotional to
joyfully share your life!

Holly's 4th book, Savor:
 Finding The Big Life of Your Dreams in Small Quiet Places
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